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Administrator (and only user) of this instance and OpenBSD user. I live near Grenoble in the Chartreuse but in Chocolatines I trust!
I program in Rust, Python and Shell Script (I mean like someone who just learnt the chess rules would play chess, i.e. I am *not* a good programmer). I also maintain the Gotosocial OpenBSD port.
You also can find me there: @Hukadan, but the more GoToSocial improves the less I am there.

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Apparemment, on a oublié quelques terrains à confisquer en 1789.
Juste une citation de ce cher Monsieur de la Ridelle du Camion de la Bétonnière:
Seuls les chasseurs, ses « gardiens de l’équilibre sylvo-cynégétique » et alpagistes accomplissent « de manière remarquable » cette mission de conservation des milieux et de régulation des espèces

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Hukadan :chocolatine: . @hukadan,

If you read this, it means that the latest release candidate of #GoToSocial works on #OpenBSD. \o/

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Hukadan :chocolatine: . @hukadan,

Playing Dreams on the Witch House on #OpenBSD (a recent version of #ScummVM is needed). The game is very nice and addictive despite having only textual dialogues (no voice).

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